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SkidPro Works LP is focused on providing you with the ultimate automated skid-handling experience.


Husband and wife duo, Murray and Patti Pisony, are more than just owners of the All-Terrain SkidPro. Not only are they responsible for the design and fabrication of the first automated skid machine in 1999, Murray and Patti are most often recognized as operators of the SkidPro and can still be seen today working on the right-of-way.


From this operating experience and continued development in innovation, the official All-Terrain

SkidPro was launched in 2004. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, the SkidPro is able to pick skids

faster and more efficient, wherever the pipeline leads.


We greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with your company and pledge to bring every bit of our experience delivering reliable, consistent service to your project.

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