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The days of labor-intensive, injury-prone skid picking are gone with the All-Terrain SkidPro.


Safety Compliant Equipment. 100% Socially Responsible. The SkidPro is designed to pick complete piles of skids directly from the right-of-way in a single scoop. Removing 100% of skids, stacking, banding and hauling up to 1,000 skids at one time to self-load directly onto trucks for transport. 


Navigating deep mud, steep slopes of 30°, and temperatures ranging from sub-zero winter to 120° Fahrenheit, the SkidPro easily stacks and bands skids, saving you time and money. 


Along with working directly on the line, the SkidPro is great for skid stringing and row clean up, and stationary or yard work, easily stacking and banding skids, re-stacking the bundles for storage without assistance.


US Patents #7591629 & #7320202


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